Style Workshops

ATLANTA you're up next!

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Guess who's hosting her second Style Workshop? Me!! That's right Sis I will be hosting my signature "Learn YOUR Style" Workshop here in Atlanta August 25th! I'm opening up 12 slots ONLY because we're going DEEP into your style honey and I don't want you to miss the message.

Y'all Know I'm Crazy Right?! It's "Good Crazy" though, I promise! This will be Creative, yet Simple, Effective workshop that will make you feel like you're ready to show up and show out like God intended!

We will cover these three topics:

How to...

  • Discover YOUR Style Identity
  • Dress for YOUR body type
  • Build YOUR confidence to go live on camera

And more surprises and activities that will make this experience memorable and hella exciting.

The Learn YOUR Style workshop is for you if:

  • You've been hiding behind the scenes for years, when YOUR inner Bad Ass is screaming "You're the Star" and it's time you start dressing like it!
  • You've really been struggling with "How to dress for YOUR body type"
  • You really feel lost when it comes style and you're finally ready to find YOUR way to a Style that looks and feels like you!
  • You don't want to waist anymore of YOUR time or miss out on any more opportunities because the right people didn't notice you!

If you can relate to any of the scenarios listed above then you're in the right FREAKIN place and you need to grab your seat TODAY!